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In a phase 2a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, multicenter clinical trial, we evaluated the safety, tolerability, and antiviral efficacy of the nucleoside analog molnupiravir in 202 unvaccinated participants with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection and symptom duration.The fast development of molnupiravir as a COVID-19 treatment is because of the focused research of the scientists of Emory University, and phase 1 molnupiravir the timely funding provided by.One phase 2 DBPRC study found significantly lower time to clearance phase 1 molnupiravir (RNA negativity) with molnupiravir 800 mg twice daily compared to the.We report the results of a Phase 2a trial evaluating the safety, tolerability, and antiviral efficacy of molnupiravir in the treatment of COVID-19 ( ClinicalTrials.It is now in phase 3 of clinical trials.Results: Two phase 1 double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled (DBRPC) studies of molnupiravir showed that 1600 mg daily dose is safe and tolerable, without any serious adverse events up to 5.Participants were randomized 1:1 to 200 mg.Molnupiravir was evaluated in several phase 1 and 2 trials.After oral administration, the prodrug molnupiravir is rapidly cleaved to its active form EIDD-1931.First double-blind, randomized-controlled Phase 1 phase 1 molnupiravir trial (NCT04392219) on healthy volunteers (n = 130) showed that molnupiravir was well tolerated and there was a dose proportional pharmacokinetics following administration.Molnupiravir was evaluated in several phase 1 and 2 trials.It is now in phase 3 of clinical trials.Molnupiravir was evaluated in a phase 1 clinical study in healthy volunteers, which demonstrated good tolerability and no apparent signs of adverse events after a short duration of treatment and follow-up.Molnupiravir has completed phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials in about 15 months (Scheme 2).

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phase 1 molnupiravir