2016 School Art League Award Recipients

A&F congratulates the School Art League Award Recipients:
Diana Branzan, winner of the 2016 School Art League/ Pratt Institute/ Marcia Friedmutter $10,000 scholarship – Teacher: Greg Nachtmann
Marquise Naipaul, winner of the Jane Chermayeff Design $1,000 Award – Teacher: Maggie Chang
Karen Au, winner of the Art Directors Club $1,000 Award – Teacher: April Lombardi

The School Art League for more than a century (107 years since its founding in 1909) has supported art education and career development, giving recognition and encouragement to student artists and their mentors. Over the years, the trustees of The School Art League in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education have provided visual arts scholarships and financial awards to graduating seniors from New York City public high schools. In addition to honoring students who have excelled, the organization has recognized the teachers dedicated to advancing art education, including those who have been instrumental in nurturing the talents of scholarship recipients.

As part of the 2016 awards ceremony at The MET,  three LaGuardia students were commended for their distinction and presented with various scholarships and monetary prizes. School Specialty also joined The School Art League in presenting certificates of recognition and special financial gifts in appreciation of the deserving visual arts teachers who inspired the student winners.

“We’re proud to celebrate the outstanding contribution that this year’s recipients of the prestigious Art Educator Awards have made to art education across New York City public schools,” commented Ed Carr, EVP and Chief Sales Officer at School Specialty. “These teachers have been tremendously supportive of their students and have truly inspired them to reach their full potential. We also congratulate the student winners, for their passion and well-deserved distinction. School Specialty is honored to collaborate with The School Art League in advancing education and career development in visual arts, and we look forward to working more closely with all our partners, schools and other educational facilities across North America in the years to come.”

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