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Message from Sandra Kitt (M&A 1965) Reunion Chair:

“Many of you may have been thinking of the Big 50 reunion for at least the last year, if not longer. A 50th Anniversary is an incredible milestone for any occasion, but for a high school reunion of Music & Art I think it’s fair to say we will all come to the events in June with more than just fond memories. We will also, hopefully, recall the extraordinary creative environment that was created at the school, among students and with our instructors, and the sense that we were getting a very special education. No matter what we’ve moved onto professionally in our lives our initial interest and talents in music or art were nurtured and cultivated in ways we won’t ever forget.

So now I want all of us to think earnestly about giving something back to Music & Art , now incorporated into the LaGuardia High School, to encourage upcoming generations of talented New York kids. It’s a much tougher financial scene now from when we were students, and even the school itself is often challenged to meet its needs with supplies, instruments, special instruction, aid to needy students, and making available as many opportunities as possible for each attending student.

To this end The Alumni & Friends has traditionally asked each Class to create a class fund to ensure that the legacy of our class continues in perpetuity. Here’s how it works. Each year a student is selected to receive our award and h/she sends us a thank you note along with samples of h/her work if possible. The award is equal to 5% of the principal (this is an industry standard amount) and the minimum amount of a fund is $10,000. Regardless of the amount you choose to give, we’d like to see broad participation from all our classmates so the fund truly represents us. In addition to creating our legacy, this fund will provide much needed support to today’s students.”


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