Application Deadline: Tuesday, December 4, 2019 @ 3pm

Submit Signed Applications to the A&F Office, Room 853


Alumni & Friends (A&F) is pleased to announce the opportunity for LaGuardia students, faculty, and staff to apply for an A&F Mini-Grant. A&F Mini-Grants provide up to $500 for clubs or faculty led extracurricular projects. Funding is limited and decided by the A&F Grants Committee.

Requests for support must provide detailed information about how the funds will be used AND meet the following criteria:

  • Clubs must have a faculty advisor, and the designated faculty advisor must be present at all club meetings and events
  • Funding is for activities or projects that are not funded by the DOE
  • Mini-Grants do not fund sports teams, t-shirts, or food and beverages
  • Benefit eight or more students

Mini-Grant Applications can be found here.

The application will need to be completed as an online form, then printed so that it can be signed by a faculty advisor or AP, and finally submitted to the Alumni & Friends office in Room 853.

If you are awarded a Mini-Grant, you must submit receipts associated with your project in order to be reimbursed by March 15, 2020. Any requests for reimbursements after March 15, 2020 will not be honored and all money will be forfeited.

Questions? Please contact us at 212-595-1301 or or come to room 853.

Fill out a Mini-Grant Application