1986 PlaybillSome classes are having their own performances at LaGuardia High School on Saturday from 3-5pm, for instance the class of ’86 and class of ’56. All reunion attendees are invited to these events.

LaGuardia class of ’86 “Best of Both Worlds” cabaret performance begins at 3pm in LaGuardia’s Little Flower Theater. Enjoy a fabulous dance and music performance, choreographed by ’86 alums, with music by world famous tenor saxophonist Jay Rodriguez, and MUCH more.

If your class has a website or a facebook page, please share so we can spread the word!

Class of 1966 is having their 50th reunion and has a Yahoo Group for class of 1966

What Are the Reunion 2016 Classes?

1940-1949 – Founding Classes
1951: 65th reunion / 1956: 60th reunion
1961: 55th reunion / 1966: 50th reunion
1971: 45th reunion / 1976: 40th reunion
1981: 35th reunion / 1986: 30th reunion
1991: 25th reunion / 1996: 20th reunion
2006: 10th reunion

Can I Find Out Who is Coming to the Reunion from My Class?

Yes! Click here to see a list of attendees.

Also see a current list of class leaders

Ticket pricing for Alumni 2016 Reunion

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