The John Cappelletti Award for Future Teachers of Acting is available for students who plan to become teachers of Acting. The students must show concern for others, great character, a strong work ethic, a good attendance record including being present, prompt and prepared for all Acting classes. Award money can only be used to pay the cost of the college where the Award winner will major in the study of Drama & Acting with a minor in Education. 

John Cappelletti, Drama teacher at Performing Arts and LaGuardia from 1968-92, has had the pleasure of teaching Acting to many students. Some are now enjoying careers as professional actors, some are stars and some have even won awards including the coveted Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Emmy Award, Tony Award, and several Tony nominations. Also, some have chosen to pursue and are enjoying other important careers. Many have related how the study of Acting has been of great benefit in their lives, both professionally and personally, so it is important for students to learn acting for life. Cappelletti, soon after beginning his career as an Acting Teacher at Performing Arts discovered that helping others achieve their goals was both important and very rewarding. So since everyone can benefit both in school and later in life from the study of Acting, he would like to increase the quantity and quality of Acting Teachers by offering this award.



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John Cappelletti Fund for Future Teachers of Acting


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