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“All of us who got into the school knew how lucky we were to be there, which could make us competitive, but also collegial and empathic. And because music was vital to any kid in any high school at that time—a school’s music curriculum would sometimes be their only motivation to go to school at all. My own experience in high school and later, majoring in music (mostly jazz) at Bennington College, convinced me that having an education in music somehow made me more curious and gave me a great deal of self-confidence and a sense of belonging.”
Michael Klein (this is an excerpt from an article in SPIN magazine)

“It was the best experience ever because you were able to express through art, music, instruments, singing, dancing, acting, etc. Having teachers willing to let your talent show in many ways. I attended in 82 and graduated in 85. Art was my major. It was the best experience I had. I remember Ms. Sunshine – she was one of my best teachers. I was lucky to experience both buildings the old and the new the Castle & LaGuardia. Where both schools PA & MA were finally united. Wow, it was the best experience ever to see the explosions of talent throughout the new LaGuardia High School halls.”
Milagro Garcia, M&A ’85

“My time attending H.S. of Music & Art, AKA ‘the Castle on the Hill,’ were 3 of the best years of my life. I discovered a world beyond Brooklyn. My travel time was 3 1/2 hours round trip each day and well worth the time. I had some amazing teachers, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Bilchick , Miss Benjamin, Mr. Linville, to name a few. Music & Art gave me a wonderful education and a life long appreciation of music , art, opera, museums, theater. I have passed that love of the arts onto my daughters. I am a member of 2 choral groups. My youngest daughter is a graduate of LAG 90, a voice major. Must run in the family.”
– Evelyn Danzker Oberstein, M&A ’52

“I owe my LIFE to the HS of Performing Arts and all the teachers, both Dance and Academics through their dedication to the student body and their SUBJECT hundreds of NYC kids came away with the BEST EDUCATION possible in their Art Form as well as NYC requirements for HS graduation and college level requirements. My family could not have afforded to give me those opportunities.”
– Helene Kahn Scheff, Performing Arts 1956, Dance

“I am thankful for LaGuardia High School because while I did not realize how special it was then, it was a diverse community that came together because of our passions. People thought and problem solved in unconventional ways through their artistic lenses.”
– Brianna Tse-Wall, LaGuardia 2016, Art

“I am thankful for my four years at LaGuardia. It was an inspiring and supportive environment. I am especially thankful for my art teacher Ms. Sunshine.”
– Sean Elwood, LaGuardia 1994, Art

“My years at LaGuardia were the best 4 of my life. ❤”
– Joe Miller, LaG ’92

I was supported spiritually as an artist like I had never experienced since graduation!”
– Mutiyat Ade-Salu, LaGuardia 2003, Vocal

“For me one of the best legacies of attending M&A was being exposed to students from all over the city. The school taught me the importance of keeping an open mind towards others regarding race, economic differences, as well as sexual orientation. Years later when I fell in love with a woman of color from North Carolina, I was prepared to embrace both our differences and similarities. That notion of inclusion was never taught in any class, but it resonated in every hallway, staircase, and on those darn steps we climbed every day. Just in case “I don’t live forever” a section of my will has designated that a portion of my estate to be donated to LaGuardia. Thank you to all the students and alumni who made this production possible, with a special appreciation in seeing my still forever young principal, Mr. Klein included.”
– Henry Greenfeld, M&A Class of 1975

“It is hard to evaluate how much Music and Art has meant to me. All I know is that if you scratch the surface of anything I have done in my life, you will find a trace of that wonderful edifice.”
– Dick Rauh, M&A ’43

“Music & Art was a social haven for me at a time when I needed one very much. The education, the chance to study and play music every day, my kind teachers who treated me with respect, all did wonders for my self-esteem.”
– Linda Rogers, M&A ’63

“How thankful am I? In the 52 years since graduating I am continually being enriched, and enlightened, and stimulated, and challenged because of the love, dedication, talent, and intellect each one of my teachers demonstrated each day. I particularly owe my love for the orchestra and ensemble music, and the violin, from Isidore Russ, of blessed memory. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of my days of utter privilege at the Castle on the Hill.”
– Ricki Fairtile Wasserman, M&A ’68

“LaG truly fueled my passion for music. The beginning of my musical journey is connected to this school and I’m incredibly touched by their continuous support.”
– Salomé Chitaia, LaG ’09

“M&A – I attended M&A from 1955-1959. I enjoyed every moment at M&A because all fellow students as well as teachers, Principal, and staff were so knowledgeable, patient, Kind, pleasant, and constructive. There never was a moment that one felt ill-at ease – these are all very important for the learning process. The standards were elevated and one always felt one could progress and gain goals. Having a free public education was crucial since my parents and I had just moved to NYC and thus I was able to enter the best school and without cost.
In addition to attending M&A, I also had a full scholarship to attend the Henry Street Settlement Music School on Pitt street in the Lower East side.”
– Paul Shapshak, PhD, M&A ’59

“For the ability to find and express myself through art; for the lifetime friends I have made; and in memorium, special love to art teacher, Dorothy Kaplan, for her emotional support during a trying time.”
– Irene Goldman Majcher, M&A ’62

“It’s interesting in reading many of the responses here, that no matter which of our schools, where we came from, what graduating class or studio major, so many of us have shared stories, and say the SAME THING! And who or what to thank – too numerous to mention. I’ve always said that we all led such a charmed existence where we were, a shared set of goals, a single-mindedness of purpose. There was no fighting, no graffiti, no rancor – just love of our craft and each other. I salute all of us, all three schools, all years, classmates and teachers alike. No place like it on earth!”
– Alison Shaiman, Performing Arts ’77

“At Music & Art in the 1960s, I had the privilege of being taught by a host of gifted teachers in music and academics more generally. I remember with fondness Ira Marianhoff who taught “History/Eco 8” and his frequent rants about the absurd, saying: “if my mother had wings, she’d be a trolley”. Some 55 years later I can still hear his voice in my head saying this and other memorable lines. I have so many more wonderful memories of superb teachers and I never stop feeling that I was the luckiest high school student in the world to have gone to Music and Art. That feeling only grows stronger with time.”
Barbara Sternberg, Ph.D. , Music & Art ’65

“M&A was more meaningful to me than my college. And truly, the experience and excitement of my three years there was passed on to my children as they grew up — being culturally aware and involved.”
– Joan Shore, M&A ’52, Art

“The best time of my life was spent in LAG and thanks to Alumni and Friends I can revisit those memories and support the next generation of artists!”
– Amina Heckstall, LaG ’95

“I’m thankful that I get to have a high quality education for free. I wouldn’t have made it this far on my own and I have LaGuardia to help me become an artist in the future.”
– Ellie Sonu, LaG ’22

I’m very much the person I am today because of my experiences there. Very proud to be a LaG grad.”
 Michele Agosto, LaG ’88

Besides making life-long friends and leading me to Cooper Union, Music and Art was the first step in a long and fruitful arts career. Thanks Mayor Fiorello.
– Peter Adler, M&A Spring 1949

“When I was a small child, I loved watching the TV show, Fame. We didn’t have music education at my elementary school, but I knew I wanted to be in a creative learning environment. I was so glad to get accepted and enjoyed my high school years as a vocal music major.”
– Shameen, LaG ’94

“What a privilege to have been given the opportunity to be surrounded by so much talent, in both my classmates and the faculty. My years there were ones that I will never forget – such an amazing education in all areas, all while allowing me to focus on my instrument and my love of music and opening my eyes to the world beyond my own home. That I can still call some of my classmates friends is a testament to the lasting bonds formed in that creative environment. I didn’t understand how special this experience was at the time, but looking back, I am forever grateful that I had the great fortune to be accepted at that remarkable institution”
– Stephanie Bazirjian, M&A ’72

“Meeting fellow students from all five boroughs, various backgrounds, rich and poor.”
– Emil Mare, M&A ’62

“I am thankful for Laguardia because of 2 things. 1. The people I met and the connection and bond I have created with all my LAG friends. After graduating from LaGuardia I have maintained close relationships with friends from Laguardia and we have actually worked together and supported one another in more ways than one. Class of 2000-2003 are great. Lastly, I am thankful for the overall Laguardia experience. As a student I was exposed to many different cultures, different races and overall a largely diverse community of people whom are creative in more ways than one. Attending Laguardia is the best decision I ever made for my education. Great Experience that has continued throughout my entire life.”
– Willy Rodriguez, LaG ’00

“Wonderful cultural and artistic HS experience!”
– Laurie Beth Ildau, Drama

“My father was a professional photographer and he taught how to re-touch color prints. I always had a flair for using color and eventually drawing and painting. My acceptance into M&A was one of the most important things in my life. It expanded my love for the classics in both art and music, and taught me the patience needed to complete artistic pieces. I college I studied Art Ed so that one day I might give back to the school I loved so much. When districts cut back on the Arts, I switched into Special Ed and taught kids with special needs for my entire teaching career, but falling back on my training at M&A to be able to create all kinds of materials for my students. In summers I taught photography and drawing in camp, then eventually becoming a custom framing designer, because it was another artistic outlet. Now that I have retired from teaching children, I teach drawing to retirees. I experience in the diverse and talented people at M&A has brought me much fulfillment.”
– Gail Heller Apfel, M&A, Art ’59

“I am thankful for my time at LaG because of all the friendships I made along with the life lessons. I literally learned how to become independent while at LaG. My arts and academics classes were a great balance that has stayed with me to this day. I’m so grateful for my free arts education, I became a teacher and helped launch a free after school art program in my school. I am forever indebted to LaGuardia!”
– Keesha Melendez, LaG ’98

“The school opened my world to art and music I never would have seen or heard in my neighborhood. The training started my career in art and enabled me to become an art director for one of the largest magazines in the world. The school, being free, helped me win a scholarship to Cooper Union, another free school….all in all, I had a million dollar education at no expense for my parents.”
– Gene Light, M&A ’49 (June)

“I met my husband and my best friends for life at LaGuardia. And while I didn’t continue on to be a musician, the academic education I received there (thanks, Dr. Rowes!) helped pave the way for me to become a writer. Right now, I am writing with Faure’s Requiem in the background, and I can thank LaGuardia for this gift.”
– Danielle Braff Karpinos, LaG ’97

“I am thankful, honored, and feel privileged to have been a student at the High School of Music & Art. It was a place of diversity for me in many ways. It exposed me to the diversity of the universal language and showed me how people from different backgrounds could work together to create beauty through music. I came to appreciate different kinds of music and learned to hear the storytelling within. Instruments were often the voices communicating stories. My Music and Art experience was an important influence in my life and charted my direction toward higher learning. I am now about to retire from my job as a teacher and as I reflect upon my career I’m positive that my high school experience has been most significant and memorable. I’m not notable to the masses but I have tried to give children what I gained as a student at Music &Art … self confidence to keep going forward. Today music is still the only thing that can move me.”
– Veronica Horton, M&A  ’77

“I’m grateful to PA because it gave me a community of like minded friends and teachers where I was able to find role models to open doors to myself. I was inspired in unexpected ways by Dr. Reich, Mr. Strasser and Ms. Rosenbloom, and developed a drive for excellence that shaped everything I did in life. It wasn’t just the music or the literature, but the values and friendships. Every day I strive to bring a bit of that spirit to the school I direct and the families I serve. I was lost dealing with my parents’ divorce but PA gave me a sense of belonging in the world.”
Renee Newman, PA Class of ’85

“My Life’s Journey: Reflections
Three changes by train! That hill! and stairs! But I got there and my life evolved. At thirteen years of age-my father taught me the travel route. I was excited and proud-nervous, yet very worried. My dad died on December 16th 1957 and my life was turned upside down. My fabulous mother worked 4 jobs and kept us together. I thank Mrs. Silver, my French teacher, who provided free tickets for my sister and I to attend Radio City Music Hall on Saturday mornings. Ms. Adele Matzke, my lovey guidance counselor, who called my mother whenever I worried about my school work, and my fabulous English teachers over the four years, who encouraged me to write and express myself. My painting teacher who traveled with me all the way to East Broadway. I made many wonderful friends and had joyous times sharing stories and “life” talk. I went on to study at NYU’s Art Education and Studio. It was there, that I studied art and painting and became a teacher of Fine Arts in the public school system. Where else but public education that defines the American ideal. Where else to find talent, intellect and sharing but at Music & Art. I thank my parents forever who encouraged me. I am grateful that I had such enrichment at the High School Of Music & Art. Thank you!”
– Adele Phyllis Unterberg, M&A ’61

“Music and Art created my life long love of singing. At age 81, I still am actively involved in choral music.”
– Sheldon I. Clare, Ph.D, M&A ’55

“Music and Art took me out of the Bronx and introduced me to the entire world of the arts, enriching my entire life.”
– Alice G Dvoskin, M&A ’63

“Performing Arts H S saved my life. Had it not been for PA, Dr. Dyke, Edith Bank, Ruthel Provet and many others I don’t know what I would have become. Because of this great school I am having a good life as a functioning artist and I am eternally grateful.”
– Marilyn Chris (Miller), PA ’56

“Where in the world in 1950 could one gather with such creative students and pursue their love of the arts. I have been a director of music most of my life (overseas, in Peru as well) since my adventure at Music and Art High School. (See “Bach with a Beat” on YouTube).”
– Marilyn Smith McLean, M&A January 1950

I’ve sometimes had to explain why I feel more loyalty to M&A than to any other school I have ever attended. I served on my college’s board of trustees for four four-year terms. My grad school enabled my life-long yearning to set foot on the continent of my African ancestors. My law school launched the path to my life’s ultimate federal judicial career. But no school produced the same deep love I feel for M&A. Much of it stemmed from the swirl of diverse, lively, creative, caring, progressive schoolmates I befriended.

But on this Thank A Teacher day, I’ll say this. M&A made learning and living fun! My home room teacher in the West Tower was Health Ed’s Fran Burack, nearly as young and bubbly as we were, and her colleague, Coach King, gave me my shot on the track-team. Mr. Spitz and Mrs. Gewirtz and Mr. Wong made algebra and trig and calculus come to life so much that I thought I’d be a math major in college. Mr. Levin from his conservative perch nonetheless so enjoyed grammar jousting with this son of English teachers that he wrote in my senior yearbook “you keep me on my toes.” Mrs. Mapp brought to 10th grade biology a joie de vivre. Speaking of which, Madame Plastrik took us outside of her French classroom to give us the kind of three-dimensional deep dive into language rarely seen in public schools. Mrs. Winston reached across the music divide and honored me by asking me to pose for her portraiture class. But it was indeed music where I found my home. Mrs. Dolgow’s voice class mirrored her: chipper and joyous. Miss Shelton’s delightful Southern Belle bearing wrapped her pedagogy with a luscious other-worldlyness you did not want to miss. Morris Lawner had that sly look and impish derring-do that nudged us to be creative and take risks in our composition exercises. (Three Lively Arts magazine even published my original fugue over background sketches students drew of me in Mrs. Winston’s art class.) Sandra Bennett was ever the wind beneath our wings. I think it was Mrs. Mandel that clinched it for me. I saw in myself fairly ordinary vocal ability, but she scheduled me for solo voice class. Her stern rebukes evoked fear when she caught you using less than your best, but they melted into that rapturous smile when you stepped up to produce to your full potential. I saw little reason she would assign me to perform the bass solo that opened the Beethoven’s 9th selection the Senior Choral Ensemble performed at our Carnegie Hall graduation. But I suspect she saw in me someone whom she wanted to assert himself more; she wanted me to own a latent confidence in performance ability. She saw in me what may have led to my receiving the only award bestowed during that graduation ceremony – – the LaGuardia Memorial Association outstanding leadership award. She saw in me what may have led to my appointment as the president and guest conductor of my college choir. She saw in me what may have led to my selection as a Madrigal Singer to tour Europe in my junior year in college. So I guess if I had to salute only one of the fabulous mob of superb educators at M&A, the nod would go to Mrs. Mandel.”
– Richard W. Roberts, M&A ’70

“For the assumption that music and art are basic to human expression and the opportunity to join with others in living that assumption out. For wonderful teachers and fellow students. For a lifelong legacy of having music at the center of my life.”
–  Janet Sullivan, M&A ’62

“Great principal (Dr. B. Steigman), great teachers (Mrs. Landecker for home room), and great fellow students, one and all. Music & Art provided a wonderful, creative, thoughtful environment to deepen understanding and practice of our cultural heritages.”
– Paul Shapshak, PhD M&A ’59

“I’m thankful and grateful that LaGuardia High School gave me the tools to have the greatest stress reliever and hobby in the world which is music. I work a regular job to support myself but I’m all about my music in my free time.”
– Jesse Dulman, LaG ’99

“An association of open minded, educated liberal students, and teachers all their for the singular purpose of learning and helping one another. I may not have fully appreciated this unique institution at the time but looking back- I soon realized the broadminded outlook and quest for knowledge was imbedded in me then – and has remained so throughout my career and life.”
– Tony Fandino –, M&A ’56

“I am thankful for free arts education because as a singer I was able to really develop my voice and my vocal range as well as techniques.”
– Kianna Cotton, LaG ’19

“After moving west, living in 2 communes, tuning piano a couple years for Neil Young, performing, building a recording studio, working cable TV six years, working mortgage business 31+ years, returning to acoustic music (now active volunteer with San Diego Bluegrass Society), I can’t help but think best life experience was at The High School of Music and Art (art student, 1965).”
– Roger E. Taylor, M&A ’65

“Art classes every day and music in the halls when I changed classes! When I look back it was heaven despite all the draconian budget cuts in the early ’70’s.”
– Thea Paneth, M&A ’76

“With such an abundance of inspirational alumni, I’m truly honored that my contributions are meaningful to students today. My four years as a drama major at PA helped to shape me into the man I am today, and there are few things that I cherish as much as those memories. A part of me, will always exist in that basement, where I lived, leaned, and loved, joyfully and passionately.”
– Chaz Bono, PA/LaG ’87

“The only place I would’ve thrived. Thank you M&A.”
– Reva Keylin-DeVillo, M&A ’60

“My teachers and, particularly, my fellow students at M& A, encouraged my individualism and creativity that let me be my strongest self. Thank you M & A!”
Ellen Bate, M&A ’60

“Having graduated from 3 universities, taught at Tufts and Northeastern, and been a staff member at MIT, I have to say that Music and Art was (without doubt) the best educational experience of my life. Thank you to Alumni & Friends for helping to give current and future generation of LaGuardia kids the same, priceless, experience that we had!”
– Elliot Eichen, M&A ’70

“The High School of Music and Art was one of the greatest, most enduring influences in my life.”
Roger E. Taylor, M&A ’65

“Music and Art was the foundation for the rest of my life. I am now in my 41st year of teaching art history to musicians, dancers, and actors at Juilliard. I was a music (voice) major at M&A, and went on later to be an art & then art history major. I loved every day at M & A, as I do at Juilliard. I am thankful that M&A gave me my grounding, and knowledge that the arts are interconnected, and, I retain many of my wonderful friends from high school to this day!”
– Greta Berman, M&A ’61

“I am thankful for my arts education at the High School of Music & Art (class of 1967) because it provided me a place to explore, and encouraged creativity while allowing me to witness art being made in sights and sounds around me! It was a place that was a glimpse of my life and lifelong friendships that endure today.”

“One of the most vivid and enduring memories I have of my days at M&A (class of ‘67) was music everywhere…. and the smell of linseed oil…. to this day if I go into the studio to paint the first thing I do is turn on some music…. very rarely do I use linseed oil anymore, as I paint almost exclusively with watercolor or acrylics, but I keep a bottle of it around and open it now and then…. music & linseed oil the sound and smell of creativity!”
– Dee Bronstein Urban, M&A ’67

“LaGuardia HS gave me the opportunity to fully express myself as a visual artist and learn skills and techniques I still apply to my art work and teachings today. What an opportunity it was to be surrounded by so many talented peers that continue to inspire me every day. The friendships became life long. To have walked down the hall with students who shared a passion for the arts, and the freedom to explore our various mediums was a true blessing. I’m grateful for those four years. It was the best education I ever had. Everyone should be so lucky.”
–  Joy Langer, LaG ’98

Watch Timothee Chalamet praising LaGuardia on the red carpet at the 2018 Oscars (click the arrow to play video)

“I am so thankful for my education at LaGuardia. It was the first place where I felt like I could express myself truthfully. I couldn’t believe there was a place with so many kids like me (all of the friends I made there are still my friends). The level of dedication by both faculty and students were astounding both creatively and academically. I am forever grateful for my time and experiences at LaGuardia. Could not have happened if it weren’t free.”
– J. O’Brien (Drama), LaG ‘88

“It was a progressive & diverse learning space which allowed us as young people to find or express our voice through artistic modalities. It helped me and all of us at a pivotal stage in life. I am forever grateful for how it shaped me and for the connections I made with peers. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity. I wish my daughter could have that too.”
– Jill Chatanow Flores, LaG ’89

“Music and Art HS saved my soul! Being appreciated and noticed for being artistic and loving classical music and singing with already a serious tone was ok, but having the friendship and outlet for all this was heaven.”
– Susan Forman Titone, M&A ’70

“I am grateful to have been admitted to Music & Art where every day we were affirmed by our teachers and fellow students! I never knew I was talented or special until it was affirmed by M&A. Even afterward I lost touch with my skill until our 30th reunion when Mr. Kosakoff said to us, “Just the fact that you were admitted to M&A proved you had talent!” I know I still got it…but I keep forgetting.”
– Ellen Olian Bate, M&A ’60

“Music & Art gave me the best education ever despite going on to graduate school! The teachers were wonderful, accepting, interested in the individual and encouraging. I am most grateful for the wonderful experiences I had there to this day.”
– Cecile Censor Brunswick, M&A ’48

“Attending Music& Art quite literally changed my life. In fact, it may have saved my life. As a bookish, piano playing 12 year old growing up in a working class Queens neighborhood, I never knew what it was like to feel as though I belonged. M&A gave that to me. I went on to become a Ph.D. in psychology, working my way through school by teaching piano and singing in clubs, and finally have returned to music and acting. I’ve had featured roles in several major films in the past few years, and have been doing frequent gigs in New York and LA cabarets. I appreciate everything that Music and Art gave to me.”
– Barbara Cohn Bleir, M&A ’53

“Gaining acceptance to Music and Art High School enabled me to find my true calling. The effort that went into preparing for the audition was my initiation into the world of the professional musician. I remember good times with friends I made from boroughs outside the Bronx. For a young girl from the Soundview section of the Bronx, attending Music and Art was a ‘dream come true.’ I have used and continue to use all the training I received in high school to further my growth as a musician, conductor and arranger. After receiving my Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from Manhattan School of Music, I won First Prize in the Artists International Management Competition as the violinist of the Claremont Trio. We gave our debut performance in Carnegie Hall the following year. I have had so many incredible experiences in music, none of which could have happened without my classical training and background. My teachers at Music and Art and my professors at Manhattan School of Music were exceptional. They motivated me, inspired me and offered important insight into the world of the professional musician. I wish the class of 2019 luck and success in attaining their future goals in music.”
– Anna Ostrofsky, M&A ’70

“The Arts in my beloved High School of Music and Performing Arts played an integral role in my academic achievement and well-roundedness. As a result, I have sustained my interest in the arts. I am now a National Board Certified Music Teacher (K-8) and Certified Orff -Schulwerk Educator. I present workshops and share my best practices all around the world, and this has been possible because of my high school arts education!”
– Thomas Pierre, class of 85

“It wasn’t just a free public high school arts education. LaGuardia taught me to be human, to love people regardless of race, socioeconomics, religion etc.. because we all spoke the same artistic language and it was an experience like no other. I was zoned for a school where bullying and drugs were prevalent and being the “weird” performer in middle school I dreamt of a way out and into a world where everyone was a dreamer. Thank you LaGuardia.”
– Suzanne Eldridge, LaG ’92

“There are so many reasons but music was always healing for me. Being at LaGuardia gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge myself as a musician and use singing as an outlet all at once.”
– Shantell Lewis, LaG ’05

“Acceptance to Music and Art was life changing for me. Primarily, it rescued me from the Bronx. My father, who wanted me to go to Hunter College High School, gave me a subway map and said, “You’re on your own.

Suddenly, I had friends from all over the City. Manhattan opened up to me, Greenwich Village was a joyful gathering place. Our teachers, specially selected to relate to students with interests such as ours, inspired me.

Finally, my art teachers honed a talent and love for art in general and, for me personally painting, that has been a gift providing joy and self development throughout my life.”

– Alice Gail Dvoskin, Ph. D. M & A, 1963

“I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to audition for, attend, and graduate from such a fine high school, M&A. I had an excellent academic and studio-art education. I met talented students and teachers. Attending M&A built my confidence to live courageously and creatively in the world. I am still very proud to say, “Oh, yes, I studied art and graduated from one of the finest high schools ever, M&A.”
– Peggy Tartt, M&A ‘74

“I am thankful for the most extraordinary environment a teenager could be in for learning! My love for music and the arts only grew exponentially as I grew, and my teachers and fellow students inspired me, always.”
– Ricki Wasserman, M&A ’68

“My public high school arts education was definitely the major turning point in my life. I was a “jock” in junior high school. I had made the JV football team at my neighborhood school and was looking forward to a possible career as a professional athlete.

When I took the test for M&A, I never though I would get in. I auditioned on tenor sax, which I had just started learning about 9 months before testing for M&A. My music consisted of whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and a few sixteenth note sprinkled in. Everyone else whom I saw and herd audition came in with music that had a few quarter notes; and maybe a half note or two. I accepted the fact that I was probably not going to Music and Art High School.

I was shocked to find out that I had passed. Out of the 35 or more kids from my junior high school class, only three of us past the audition; Ruben Rivera, a gifted cellist, Juan Dandridge, a gifted violist and me.

My musical career was, how shall I put this, a blessing and pleasant surprise. In elementary school I said I played trumpet for two years. I actually only played it for two weeks. I ended up in an advanced music class in junior high school. I only started playing trumpet because my father played trumpet and wanted me to learn. I wanted to play sax.

Fortunately, I had a very good ear, loved harmony and could hear and keep time. I only knew the “C” scale; so I would ask the first trumpet how do you play this note or that note e.g. “b” flat, “f” sharp. I took the test for M&A, was accepted and the rest, as they say, is history.

I apologize for the long winded diatribe. When I think about M&A, I get sentimental; it was some of the best years of my life. I was blessed to go to M&A and become part of a family of talented beautiful people. A family of artist that represented all walks of life and cultures, were accepting and encouraging of one another and demonstrated what people should be like, what America should be like, what the world should be like.”

– Rudy Valentine, M&A ’67

“Without question everything i created at M&A and learned there about music has stayed with me my whole life so that i have been fearless about doing some very creative work. I am so very thankful for the gift of understanding all the arts which i carry with me everywhere and that only M&A could provide. Few places include quiet painting along side the curriculum for music dance and drama; this simple but unique facet of M&A shines throughout my career. More than a collection of homemade paintings on my walls, M&A taught me to bring the human values of art to my writing lawyering or merely critiquing the cover of my new book in a field that never existed before GLOBAL HEALTH IMPACTS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY LAW.”
– Dr Ilise Levy Feitshans JD & ScM & DIR M&A (ART) 1974

“I loved the freedom of going to school where people could be whatever they wanted to be, that the creative side of us was as important as the academic. I loved the diversity of the student body. I loved my teachers. And I love that small shabby old building on 46th Street that made High School bearable.”
– Laurie J. Greenwald, PA ’74

“People! Wonderful teachers and wonderful students. What could be more special than attending a school devoted to wisdom and the arts. Thanks go to Benjamin Steigman and a faculty that really cared. Musically I am most grateful to Mark Lawner, Isidore Russ, Ben Lindemann, and Alexander Richter. I had a fabulous public education. I played my trumpet every day in Senior Orchestra, conducted, and composed while receiving a superior general education. Hey, I was in a drama class that presented Henry V! It doesn’t get any better than that.”
– Stephen Jablonsky, M&A ’58

“M&A provided the basis for a lifelong passion for creative process. To this day, I create music (compose for piano and choir), do mixed media art, and teach others to unlock their creativity. For more, please see my website:”
– Niela Miller, M&A ’52

“I am most thankful for discovering my love of education. Because of the many dedicated teachers at LaGuardia, I became a public school educator.”
– Sarah Cohen Spurge, LaG ’05

“I went to work at 17 right after I graduated high school and was not able to go to college. My dad passed away a year after and I had to care for my ailing mom. But the education I received in New York City was top-notch, and well-rounded. I continue to use it to this day as a linguist. I have been a freelance Certified Court Interpreter for the State of California and the US District Courts for the past 38 years.”
–  Anna Arroya Watrous, M&A ’68

“I realized then and now that I was privileged and fortunate to be able to attend the HS of M&A (class of 1968)

Attending this school enhanced my understanding of the following:

Learning to socialize with students both similar to me and ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse…had I gone to Bayside High School, I would never have had that opportunity;

Acquiring a love and appreciation for classical music: I came in to M&A on the piano. I chose to study voice once there, and while not a great singer, the experience taught me Italian and German classical songs; also, significantly, the exercise of having to get up in front of the class and sing (I don’t know how I had the nerve) was invaluable for later presentations and public speaking;

Acquiring an appreciation of art: while I was a music student, we were required to take a few semesters of Art Appreciation. I remember my first assignment was to go to the Cloisters and comment on tapestries (of which I had and still have no knowledge);

Being taught by wonderful, talented teachers: Voice teachers such as Ms. Ext, Ms. Ziehmer; Ms. Mandel; Mr. Lawner and Ms. Landecker made the classes come alive, while providing expert instruction!

Travel and Responsibility: while I lived about 1 mile from Bayside High School, it took me 1 and 1/2 hours each way to and from the Castle on the Hill. I learned about responsibility, accountability and independence by doing so.

Friendships: it was harder to make friends at a commuter school, but I am thankful for the friends that I made at M&A. It took me out of my “comfort zone” (i.e., going to local high school) and forced me to form relationships with other M&A students. I was the manager of the varsity basketball team, and formed friendships with students who played on the team

I cherish the memories of M&A and always will. It was the highlight of my academic career, and one of the real high points of my life.”

– Alan Rubin, M&A ’68

“It provided an all around education. Music & Art was the best! Great teachers and I learned so much to help prep me for college.”

– Juanita J Rodriguez, M&A ’73

“Makes for well rounded graduates.”

– Jeff B, M&A ’63

“1. I was in a community of Kindred Spirits some of whom I also shared camp and college with and a few who remained lifelong friends.
2. I received excellent free instruction in music theory, harmony, conducting, composing, vocal music and more as well as having opportunities to experience musical conducting giants such as Eugene Ormandy and Toscanini!
3. M&A provided the rare experience of being able to do public choral conducting and work with an orchestra when I was just a kid!
4. I loved knowing visual artists and doing some of that as well
5. I was launched as a composer by David Epstein and have continued this first as a singer-songwriter and then as a composer of piano and choral pieces.”

– Niela Miller, M&A ’52

“In my junior high school in Springfield Gardens, Queens, I was considered weird for loving classical music. I found my true community when I came to the High School of Music & Art. It was filled with all the other weird kids from every neighborhood. For four years I took a bus and three trains and walked up 127 steps through St. Nicholas Park to get to the Castle on the Hill. It took an hour and a half each way. It was worth every step and every minute. I received a first class academic education, including a fifth year of French with Madame Simone Plastrik that enabled me to be advanced enough to take my college junior year abroad. I got to be in the last class to be in the Senior Orchestra under Alexander Richter, the original Instrumental Music Chairman who had gotten Aaron Copland to write An Outdoor Overture for the new M&A, and the first class to be in the orchestra under Gabriel Kosakoff, who had been in M&A’s first graduating class. I learned great orchestral music and my first string quartets there. The other music courses were rigorous enough that I completed my music major at Smith College in three semesters. I am most grateful for the wonderful people I met, both teachers and classmates. Many are lifelong friends. Now as a LaGuardia teacher I will always be committed to, in the words of our school song, “our task unending defending that realm above where dull and lifeless things have caught a beauty that daring dreams have wrought.”

Paula Washington, M&A 

“It was the best school experience I ever had. I learned so much about theater and acting and went on to study acting for many years. In fact, I am currently in an acting class. I also made life long friends.”

– Elaine Evans, Performing Arts, ’61

“It led me to a very happy and successful career in film.”

– Jane Chaback Jenkins, Performing Arts, ’61

“Through M&A LaGuardia School of the Arts I have made life long friends, the education received has stained my interest in music education. I am now a National Board Certified Music Teacher! Thank God for LaGuardia H.S.!”

– Thomas Pierre, first graduating class of LaGuardia H.S. ’85 and proud assistant director to Victor Cook for the Gospel Choir

“Music was so much a part of my life even before the high school level. I had been considering applying to The High School of Music and Art for a long time because my older sister was already an alumnae. She had stayed in contact with several of her fellow former classmates. I am thankful for their influence, encouragement & example. I continue to be passionately interested in music & the arts. Listening to music, attending performances and participating in group singing will remain a pleasurable priorty for the rest of my life. I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers & classmates at M&A.”

– Cynthia Teramura, M&A ’78

“It inspired creative process as a Way of Life.”

– Niela Miller, M&A ’52

“Great global education, teachers, learning environment, cultural, breadth, constructive, appreciation for wonderful fellow students. Discipline, energetic, exercise walking those stairs. In short, a miraculous time of music, art, expression, and learning.”

– Paul Shapshak, M&A ’59

“People didn’t smoke in the bathroom, they sang gospel songs in exquisite harmony there.”

– Alma Schneider, M&A ’85

The arts open hearts and expand minds and lives.

– Hop, M&A ’63

“A wonderful opportunity and education from a top notch teaching staff I could not otherwise afford.”

– Scott Wilson, Art, 1968-1972

“I learned to appreciate the diversity in people.”

– AK, M&A ’52

“It gave me my direction in what I wanted to do for a career.
I met life long friends.
I was allowed to explore the arts and to focus my passion and make it my life.
I witnessed some high school classmates become legends in the entertainment industry.
I was not allowed to fail. Mr. Cooney made sure I did not flunk out of school and I owe him a great deal for that.”

– M.C. Serch, M&A ’85

“It gave me, for the first time, a community of kindred spirits. This helped me to realize that being different is a good thing! In this context it became possible to explore and discover who I was as well as who could become. This allowed me to find and express myself in my authentic voice. The friends who went through that process with me are still some of my most cherished relationships today! I love you Carmen, Linda, Wendy, Lois and all!!!”

– Debby Stringham Samelson, M&A ’67

“Prepped me for immediate work on graduation. Best 3 years of my life!”

– Merrilly, Music, PA Class of ’62

“Where do I begin? Not only am I thankful for being accepted to LaGuardia I am thankful that it was an opportunity where I gained priceless training in dance. When I was a freshman, I knew I was in a special place. Yet, as the years went by, I knew that this experience was one in a million. My teachers, peers, and the whole culture of LaGuardia is special, this place cultivated individuality and creativity. I am thankful and will always treasure LaGuardia.”

– Krystal Cruz, Lag ’06

“It taught me that it’s okay, and desirable, to be different and original and unique!”

– Joan Z. Shore, M&A ’52

“The three years I spent at Music & Art changed my life forever. I was exposed to so much more than I expected when I auditioned; music theory, opera, theatre, and life in Manhattan to name a few. I made lifelong friends that I’m in touch with, see on occasion and love dearly. The teachers and staff were amazing and they really cared about us. We are family and I look forward to the reunions. I would redo those years without hesitation. M & A 4 life 84’!”

– Theresa, M&A ’84

“The arts have the potential to humanize, enlighten, uplift, and thrill us. That’s what Performing Arts did for me…AND in the company of like-minded people …AND with masters like Lumet and Cimino. (The cocktail party patter was a very nice bonus.) I shared my passion for the arts, drama in particular, with my children, grandchildren, and elementary schol students. My spectacularly dramatic presentations in the classroom played a part, I think, in the continuing relationship of many students with me now, years after they were in my class, years after I retired. I started in Performing Arts when IT started. One student, who heard me speak admiringly of Performing Arts, attended LaGuardia High School and became a brilliant actress, nominated for a Tony and an Oscar. I go backstage to admire her and she introduces me as her sixth-grade teacher.”

– Thelma Rosenblum Blanc, PA ’51

“I am thankful I attended M&A (and, especially, in the Castle. I graduated in 1956). Spectacular, talented student body. I was an ART major but my passion and my entire LIFE has been dedicated to music. As life has moved on since graduation, I find that – more and more – having had the M&A experience, has contributed GREATLY to my life. Meeting people throughout my daily adventures, I always seem to meet graduates of M&A (not necessarily from my class nor from my year). There appears to be a bond among alumni. Those daily, long subway rides, apparently, were well worth it! Thank you for the wonderful ‘universal’ education you provided me in 1956. It has made for a wonderful life.”

– Alan Hirschhorn, M&A ’56

“Music and Art HS educated me…. culturally, educationally and artistically.”

– Wendy Weitzer Kleiner, M&A ’67

“Great education. But nothing is free. Tax dollars paid for my education and my class, ’73 knows what happens when budgets get tight. Art is the first thing they cut. We had to fight to keep our art classes.”

– Lou Cubello, M&A ’73

“It (arts education) made my life like that of a VERY rich person, with access to the aesthetics of just about every culture and/or worldview.”

– Edwin Smith, M&A ’67

“The people I went to M&A with in itself is enough of a reason, but aside from that there is hearing the voices singing, that I could count on a performance daily, the instruments and almost a daily concert, knowing half the cast, though mostly extras, in the movie” FAME,” and the relationships with the teachers that, as I get older, realize how special it was, from being bailed out of certain classes that on certain days would be too much, to having those extra points found when I nearly failed my English regents. Looking back the Castle on the Hill was filled with enough good memories to fill a lifetime.”

– Michael Alpert, M&A ’80

“I’ve made some amazing friends here, learned how to see the world beyond just black and white, and hear it in all its colorful glory.”

 – ​SungJin Yun​, LaG ’01

“Like most kids growing up in the borough of Brooklyn, I spent my elementary and junior high school years going to conventional neighborhood schools. While in junior high, I discovered that I had an affinity for music and fell in love with the saxophone. I actually considered a future in professional music, but the outlook – continuing on in a conventional high school with almost nothing in the way of an advanced musical education offered – was more of a pipe dream than a path. Then, I heard about the High School of Performing Arts (this was well before the ‘Fame’ days, so the school was kind of a well kept secret at the time). With the promise of three years of advanced musical training, plus adequate academic classes enabling one to continue on to college, I made it a gilt-edged priority of getting into that school. Of course, one had to have satisfactory grades coming out of junior high, AND there was an audition on the instrument of choice. I won’t go into details, but I made it – and what a school it was! I was never what you would call a good student. I hated elementary school, junior high (except for music), and even college. But I LOVED this school! I learned that in addition to music, it also offered separate curriculums in Drama and Dance (unfortunately, image art was not yet an offering). The teachers were tough – both artistic and academic – but they knew how to impart knowledge and how to get through to us. Mainly, however, there were two outstanding features of the school that shined brighter than all others: First, the artistic education I was receiving gave me an actual hope that if I wanted a professional career in my chosen field, I could have it. OF course there were no guarantees, and making it as a professional musician, actor, or dancer was no more than a 500 to 1 shot. However, for a kid who, up to that time, spent his whole educational experience walking a few blocks from his home to a familiar neighborhood setting, traveling each day – twice a day – on the subway into the heart of Manhattan was nothing short of an adventure. Experiencing life on my own, as a pseudo-adult, responsible for my own existence away from home, gave me invaluable experience of what life would resemble in the future – possibly as a professional musician. The second outstanding feature may even have surpassed the first. That was, the experience of mingling with children from different boroughs with different backgrounds, who were of different colors, different ethnicities, and held different opinions of the world. And we all seemed to get along. In the three years I was there, never did I hear a single disparaging comment about race, or a slur about nationalities. We all actually learned from each other, and these lessons are still in evidence today when attending one of the many class reunions sponsored by the school’s successor – La Guardia Arts. Most of us never made it to a career in our chosen artistic field, but the education and the love we experienced in Performing Arts High, and Music & Arts High, stayed with us for a lifetime.”

– Sam Shapiro – Performing Arts ’67

Tell us you why YOU are thankful!