Alumni & Friends will not be hosting an in-person reunion at LaGuardia High School this year. We encourage people to attend the Semi-Annual Concert on June 9 & 10.

The Semi-Annual Concert starts at 6:30, and doors will open at 6pm. The tickets will be $20 at the door, or they can be purchased online at the LaGuardia High School website. Tickets can also be purchased on the school’s website here:

Some of the pieces performed will be: 

Philhamonic Orchestra:  Pieces by Charles Fox, Curtis Strewart and compositions by current LaGuardia students.
Major Work: Requiem by Gabriel Faure
Senior Chorus: 
Pieces by Brahms, Dan Forrest, and Mulholland.
As of now, Friday night’s concert WILL take place, but please make sure to check the school’s website before setting off tonight for any updates due to the air conditions in New York.

Individual classes have also been urged to organize their own events outside of the school. Please contact your class leaders to see if there have been any events planned for your class. A list of class leaders can be found here. If you need help contacting your class leaders, please get in touch with A&F.