Helene Meredith SpizzThe Helene Meredith Spizz Scholarship was established to help talented young students find their way by offering financial assistance with summer study programs across musical and other artistic disciplines. This Scholarship, in particular, is focused on making summer study available to those that may not have had an opportunity to do so otherwise and aims to help build solid foundations upon which these young students can soar and leave their marks in our world. Helene (May 12, 1967 – May 17, 2017) brought a unique talent to the world on many levels, musically, in her writings and in her perspectives. Of all her artistic talents, however, her most beloved was her dearest violin.

“No, we don’t always ask for, expect or imagine in our wildest dreams what life sometimes throws at us. But when the storm comes, those who can remain standing are the ones who are uniquely elevated.” — Helene Meredith Spizz

“Sometimes we just find ourselves in a particular place at a particular time. Sometimes we don’t realize what we are qualified for until we see it happening.” — Helene Meredith Spizz



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