This application is for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who may be eligible to receive financial assistance for supplemental study in their discipline during the spring and summer of 2021. In the form you will see that we request the latest copy of your transcript (see instructions on how to get your transcript from Pupil Path at the bottom of this page), consent from a parent/guardian, and the first two pages of your guardian/family’s 2019 IRS 1040 tax return (we require the tax return for all parents/guardians).

Please read the following: 


  • Funding is limited – FINANCIAL AID AWARDS ARE USUALLY PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS; consider applying for numerous programs in different price ranges (for example, we will NOT consider funding a program that costs $3000 or more unless you receive a scholarship directly from the program to cover the bulk of the cost)

  • Scholarships are only for program costs and not for room and board or travel; please consider local New York City-based summer study opportunities

  • Programs or lessons must be related to your studio (no academic, cultural, or environmental programs)

  • Juniors are given priority as they are preparing to apply to colleges/conservatories, but we do give scholarships to sophomores and freshmen

  • All grants are paid directly to the summer program, class, or teacher; no money is given directly to students

  • You may receive a grant from Alumni & Friends even if you have not yet applied to a program

  • You may apply for a grant if you have applied but have not yet heard if you have been accepted to a summer program

  • For programs that offer financial aid, you must show proof that you applied to the institution directly for financial aid

  • International programs will not be considered

  • If you have questions, difficulty filling out any portion of this application, or are unable to provide the necessary documents, please email


  • To access your transcript via Pupil Path, click on the GRADES tab and then click on TRANSCRIPT, then download or save as a screenshot and upload to the application form.