Recent Passings:

We are sorry to report the recent passing of retired LaGuardia music teacher Joseph Joffe.


We are sorry to report the passing of Arthur Ross, M&A ’58. He passed away on May 24, 2019.



We are sad to report the passing of Barbara “Bobbi” Brick Cammarano, M&A ’58. Under the name Bobbi Westman she successfully ran Ruvetta Designs, Inc. for 40 years. She was most recently an award-winning fine artist under the name B. Brick.  Barbara passed away in February of 2019.



Virginia Zabriskie, M&A ’45, died in her Manhattan home at age ninety-one on May 7, 2019 after a long illness. Her loss is deeply felt by her nieces and nephews, Patricia, Jeannie, Arthur Jr. Jimmy, Laura, Stacy, and Michael, by Peter Maechting, and her friends and caregivers. Through her galleries in New York and Paris, she contributed substantially to the knowledge and appreciation of American art, including photography. She received awards from the Art Dealers Association of America and the Medaille d’Honeur de la Ville de Paris.


We are sorry to report the recent passing of Paul Kissner, M&A ’58.



We are sorry to report the passing of Lorraine Buch, M&A 48, who died on May 7, 2019.



We are very sorry to report the passing of Elissa Eagan Meehan, M&A ’69.



It is with great sadness that we report the untimely passing of Donna Sturm, M&A ’69. She was struck by a cyclist on April 25th, and unfortunately passed away from her injuries over this past weekend. Read more.





We are sorry to report the passing of Mark Gartman, M&A ’60. The following is from his classmate Gerald Trevor, M&A ’60: “Mark passed away on March 16, 2019 at his home in Coconut Creek, Florida. He was 76 years old and died from heart failure. A proud graduate of the High School of Music & Art Class of 1960 and the Manhattan School of Music.He was a Musician, Performer, Composer, Illustrator, Artist, Photographer, Author, Writer, Humorist, Inventor and Humanitarian. A true Renaissance man in every sense of the word. He will be missed by both his many friends and his family. Rest in peace dear friend.”

– Gerald Trevor – M&A Class of 1960, Retired Faculty Member of the Instrumental Music Department of La Guardia H.S.


Lisle Arthur Atkinson
, M&A ’58, passed away on march 25, 2019. Lisle was a double bassist and educator, founder of the
 Neo-Bass Ensemble
, original Member of the New York Bass Violin Choir
 with Bill Lee, Director; Ron Carter, Richard Davis,
 Michael Fleming, Milt Hinton, and Sam Jones.
He also payed with other jazz greats such as 
Kenny Burrell
, Betty Carter, 
Dizzy Gillespie,
 Hank Jones, 
Nina Simone, 
Dakota Staton, 
Billy Taylor
, Clark Terry.